Advisory-Purchase Rabbits

RabWay can process and package your Fair Rabbits for your delivery to your Auction Buyer! We purchase rabbits for pet consumption dependant on the current demand and supply market. Prices vary and are subject to change. 

Current Pricing

 Effective thru December 31st 2020

Category Weight Range Processing
Californian or New Zealand 
4.5lb to 5.5lb $6.00 POA
Californian or New Zealand
5.6lb to 6.5lb $6.00 POA
Californian or New Zealand
Greater than 6.5lb $6.00 POA
Small Breeds
Mini-Rex... etc 
3lb to 5lb  $5.00 POA


Surplus Fair Rabbits

Please contact Texlan Rabbits at [361] 550-8768 if you need to dispose of any excess fair rabbits. 

Aged or Cull Breeding Stock

We purchase culled or excess breeding stock for processing for companies involved in the raw feeding market. Rabbit meat is considered a superior-quality protein for the raw feeding diet for pet dogs and cats. Meat breeds such as Californians and New Zealands are preferred as opposed to the smaller rabbit breeds. 


Processed rabbits are packaged in 4ml vaccum bags. The date of processing and net weights are printed on the bag.

Please Note

Animals found to be diseased at the time of processing will be disposed of and will not be returned to the owner. Bruising portions will be removed from the carcase and discarded.