Meat Portions

Rabbit comes dressed whole or cut into pieces.  Fresh or frozen, rabbit meat is sold all year round. It can be prepared in most of the ways in which chicken is used.

Store rabbit in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Fresh rabbit can be refrigerated for two days. Cooked rabbit can be refrigerated for three days.

Freeze fresh rabbit if you do not plan to cook it within two days after purchase.  Thaw uncooked rabbit in the refrigerator or in cold water. Never thaw rabbit at room temperature.

Boneless Rabbit
Just the meat and no hassle. And when we say "just the meat" that's what we mean.  Rabbit meat has an extremely low fat content (about 4 % typicallly for the whole Rabbit). There is much less fat in our trimmed boneless rabbit meat cuts.
  Boneless Legs
2 Boneless Legs
  Boneless Saddle
Undoubtledly the most tender meat on the Rabbit.
Rabbit at its best!
  Boneless Pieces 
Good sized chunks of prime Rabbit.  Ideal for Casseroles or Stews.
Bone-In Portions
Many people think that meat tastes better cooked on-the-bone.  Here are some of our products for you to consider. Pairs of Rabbit Legs or the Whole Saddle are really popular products. If you want a really tasty dish, and one which is exceptional value, then why not try the whole Rabbit Shoulder? The bit of extra fat gives it more taste. Best cooked in a Casserole but also great tasting as a Barbecue item!

Rabbit Saddle
Lots of tender meat!


Rabbit Legs 
Two Rabbit Legs


  Rabbit Shoulders
The complete Rabbit shoulder, already split into two pieces, each with one front leg. Superb value for money! 
  Portion Pack
These are a genuinely good value! A big pack of mixed Rabbit portions.
Whole Rabbit
Probably the best value-for-money, these are really meaty rabbits.

Meaty Rabbit
Properly trimmed
Excellent meat-to-bone ratio

Pet Meat

Off-cuts of boneless Rabbit, a very popular product, specified increasingly by Vets for Dogs and Cats with digestive problems. It has a fat content of 5 - 7% on average. If your Pet needs a VERY low fat diet you might want to consider our Rabbit for Casseroles...
Look under Boneless Rabbit.

  Pet Meat  petmeatc170.jpg