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Move over Chicken and Pork!

"The Real White Meat" has arrived.

The big contender is RABBIT!

Give it a try today...YOU'LL LOVE IT



Why Eat Rabbit ?

On the nutrition scale, rabbit meat surpasses all other meats. Its flavor is not strong and comparable to the taste of turkey. Low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein, domestic rabbit is all white meat. It is as versatile to cook as chicken, but better for you.

Domestic rabbits eat only natural grains such as sweet alfalfa hay, oats, wheat and barley. This ensures a delicate flavor. Unlike chicken, NO stimulants, additives or preservatives are used in either growing or processing domestic rabbits.

Because it is easily digested, rabbit meat is recommended by the American Heart Foundation and the American Medical Association for people on special diets.

You will find rabbit on the menus at some of the finest restaurants all over the world.

Dietary Benefits

More people are beginning to realize the benefits of adding rabbit to their diet plan. Low in fat and high in protein, rabbit meat has proven itself to be a healthier alternative.


Meat Portions

Whether your preference for rabbit meat is bone in or boneless, the different cuts allow you to prepare and serve your favorite rabbit recipes. Rabbit portions come dressed whole or cut into pieces.



From appetizers to main meals, we have accumulated rabbit meat recipes from around the world.