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Cage Wire Types

GAW - Galvanised After Weld welded wire is dipped after it is welded, providing a seal of zinc and galvanizing over the joints. This makes the mesh somewhat harder to cut & straighten, but at the same time, it is more supportive & stiffer. The wire used in our Galvanized After welded brands typically is made from a stiffer and stronger steel, though Bezinal is also constructed from stiffer steel.

GBW - Galvanised Before Weld welding is an economical mesh. The galvanizing is damaged at the joints during the welding process. Thus, the material rusts more quickly, which decreases the life of the product when compared to the Galvanized After wire. 


Cage Building

The USDA recommends that rabbits have at least 3/4 sq foot of floor space per pound of body weight.
Larger meat-type breeds such as Californians and New Zealand Whites do well in cages that are 30×24″ or 24×24″, with a larger 36 x 24″ used for does with offspring.
Baby-saver wire is wire of a smaller mesh along the bottom 3 or 4 inches of a cage, so that babies cannot crawl through it like they can the standard 1″x2″ mesh for the cage sides.
You need a door that is big enough to accommodate your kindling boxes and allows you to reach rabbits in the back.
You need space for your watering system—whether it’s an attached crock, automatic waterer or watering bottle.
Will you want to mount one through the cage wall or in the door for easy access? 
Buy good quality wire cutters. You will be making lots and lots of little cuts.

Tools Required
J-Clip Pliers jclippliers
Side Cutters sidecutters
J-Clip Removers j clipremovers


Cage Dimensions

4H-FFA Market Pen Projects

It is suggested that all wire is GAW

Generally Accepted Sizes

Design Width Depth Height Position Cuts Dimension
1 Compartment 30" 24" 18" Floor 1 30" of  (24" x 1" x 1/2")
No Pan        Top 1 30" of (24" x 2" x 1") 
        Front & back 2 30" of (18" x 2" x 1") 
        Sides 2 24" of (18" x 2" x 1") 
        Door 1 18" of (15" x 1" x 1") 
1 Compartment 30" 24" 20" Floor 1 30" of  (24" x 1" x 1/2")
With Pan        Top Front Back Base 4 30" of (24" x 2" x 1") 
        Sides 2 24" of (24" x 2" x 1") 
        Door 1 18" of (15" x 1" x 1") 
2 Compartment 60" 24" 18" Floor 1 60" of (24" x 1" x 1/2")
No Pan        Top 1 60" of (24" x 2" x 1") 
        Front & Back 2 60" of (18" x 2" x 1") 
        Sides 2 24" of (18" x 2" x 1") 
        Door 1 18" of (15" x 1" x 1") 



Rabbit Pricing

We can supply all classes of rabbits . . .  
Pricing current thru December 2017  -  Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice

4H-FFA Projects
Meat Pens $ 45.00    
Roasters and Stewers $ 50.00    
Bred Does $ 100.00    
Breeding Stock
Ranking Elite  
Top 5%
Top 15%
Top 30%
Bucks $ 200.00 $ 150.00 $ 75.00
Does $ 150.00 $ 125.00 $ 50.00
Trio (1 Buck & 2 Does) $ 450.00 $ 350.00  $150.00

We maintain comprehensive production records on all our rabbits.
This allows us to select superior animals from within our stock.

Pets $15.00    
Packaged Fryers $15.00    


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