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  1. Hunting with hawks: Upstate NY falconer uses his birds to kill small game (video)

    Al Jordan of Greece feeds a piece of rabbit meat to Z, one of his Harris's hawks, as a reward for coming back to him during a recent hunt. ( N. Scott Trimble...

  2. Hanford Gourmet: Rabbit holes in time  Hanford Sentinel

    Recently, Rodney Atkinson wrote to me about my column and mentioned a quote from the late professor, theologian and writer Henri J. M. Nouwen: “Our...

  3. Disease spreading among pet rabbits  WTAJ -

    The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture received notice Wednesday from the USDA confirming Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) in two pet rabbits that...

  4. Vegan butchers subvert 'rabbit food' reputation with protein-packed meat mimicries  National Post

    Lauren Marshall can still smell the sweet and smoky aroma wafting through her childhood home as her mother baked a pineapple-glazed hickory ham in the...

  5. Rare rabbit disease confirmed in western Pennsylvania  Farm and Dairy

    USDA has confirmed rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) in two pet rabbits that died Dec. 7 in Clover Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

  6. Clever ways to milk cash from your rabbits this festive season : Farmers Tv  The Standard

    The festive season is here again. Kenyans from all walks of life are preparing to celebrate in different ways.

  7. Should you raise rabbits? — Homestead — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine  Bangor Daily News

    Whether you plan to keep them as pets or use them for meat, rabbits are easier to raise than many other animals.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results,...

  8. Food: Three 'Podnas' open new meat market in Houma  Houma Courier

    Houma's newest meat market, Podna's Cajun Cookin and Specialty Meats, was the result of three guys' desire to get out of the oilfields.E.J. Cavalier, Derrick...

  9. How scientists are fighting alpha-gal meat allergy from ticks  Fast Company

    You may have heard stories about a tick bite that causes aversion to meat, but the story of the alpha-gal allergy is more complicated–and more frightening.

  10. 'Top Chef' wanted an iconic Kentucky meal. This was the man who made it  Courier Journal

    On a hot spring day in Kentucky, 14 of America's best up-and-coming chefs gathered around a lengthy wooden table to sample some of the state's most iconic...

  11. Global Rabbit or Hare Meat Market Growth, Demnad, Size and forecast upto 2017 to 2022  Coherent News

    Worldwide Market Reports recently released “Rabbit or Hare Meat Market Report 2017 to 2022″. Most recent market Value and Sales Price in the Rabbit or...

  12. The mysterious rise of meat allergies: Tick bites are driving rates up  Daily Mail

    It is only in recent years that scientists have identified and acknowledged that tick bites are triggering an allergy to a sugar in the muscles of most animals (but...

  13. TOM UTLEY: Foul-mouthed Santas, vandals who cut down festive lights and vegan vigils for turkeys  Daily Mail

    TOM UTLEY: At one of our son's friend's birthday party, my wife went to fetch him from a schoolfriend's bash, where she witnessed a scene straight out of...

  14. How to Make the Meat-Filled Canadian Pie of Your Dreams  Saveur Daily

    This hearty, medieval-inspired meat pie will get you through even the coldest Canadian winter.

  15. Rabbit farmer sees ray of hope at Krishi Mela  The New Indian Express

    One particular stall at the four-day Krishi Mela 2018, which ended on Sunday, drew crowds wi th watering mouths and a fair degree of curiosity.

  16. High Plains Outdoors: Fried Rabbit Recipes  HPPR

    In this week's High Plains Outdoors, Luke divulges a couple of his favorite recipes for cooking rabbit. Fried rabbit is one of the tastiest of small game.

  17. Clear Lake Farm in Lamont  ECB Publishing

    Debbie Snapp, ECB Publishing, Inc. Clear Lake Farm in Lamont is family owned and operated, concentrating its efforts on growing healthy and nutritious foods.

  18. Big plans for Just a Little Ranch  White Mountain Independent

    WHITE MOUNTAINS — At Just a Little Ranch on Bourdon Ranch Road in Show Low, there's a lot of work going on. After leasing the property for a year, Mica.

  19. Christmas 2019: an unusual recipe rabbit under beer  The Koz Post

    Preparation time: less than 30 minutes. Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes. Servings: 8. 1 rabbit. 400 ml dark beer. 200 g of prunes. 2 onions. 1 tbsp mustard.

  20. Hundreds of cats saved from illegal slaughterhouse in China  Daily Mail

    A total of 375 cats in the abattoir were discovered by the owner and an animal rescue group on December 1 in the port city of Tianjin, north-east China when...